PUSH Regional Symposium Participants

PUSH Team:
Elizabeth Koch, Project Coordinator

Al Quds University Team:
Dr. Yusuf Natsheh, Project Manager
Dr. Marwan Fayaz Abu Khalef
Architect Osama Hamdam
Mr. Mohammed Jaradat
Mr. Amin Dewabshe, AQU Financial Manager
Mr. Sameh Hallaq, PUSH Financial Manager

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design:
Professor Michael Turner, Project Manger
Architect David Guggenhim
Mr. Moshe Caine
Student Assistants from the Department of Architecture:
Josef Israelshvili and Anat Dror

Jordan Society for Sustainable Development:
Mr. Khaled Nassar, Project Manager
Dr. Mohammed Waheeb
Ms. Rawan Haddad

Special International Expert Guests:
Dr. Simon Goldhill is a Professor of Greek Literature and Culture at the HYPERLINK "http://www.cam.ac.uk/" \t "_blank" University of Cambridge, and a Fellow of King's College, Cambridge. His current project is a book entitled "Jerusalem: City of Longing", now published by Harvard University Press. He is an expert both on Greek culture and on the use and abuse of the past in modern culture.

Dr. Saleh Lamei is the Director General of the Centre for Conservation and Preservation of Islamic Architectural Heritage in Cairo. He has served on the Egyptian National Committee of ICOMOS for thirty years and nine years on the ICOMOS International Executive Committee. He is a member of the UNESCO International Committee for the Preservation of the Old City of Jerusalem, Kosovo and Moldova.
Dr. Muna Hindiyeh holds a Ph.D in Environmental Engineering. She is the Head of the Policies and Planning Unit at the National Council for Family Affairs. Dr. Hendiyeh is the General Secretary of JSSD and frequent works as an Environmental Consultant for international agencies including the World Bank, UNDP, and the UNEP.

Regional Expert Guests:
Saif Abed Saradih, Member of the Jericho Municipality
Khaled Abu Aliya
Ghalab Ahmad Abu Deiab,
Muhammad al Hawwash, Director, Department of Education, Jericho
Nazmi al-Jubeh, Director Riwaq Center
Basmat al Ja'fari, Department of Education, Jericho
Mr. Gianmatteo Arena, Head of Operations for the EU, Israel
Rawan Aubid, Community Spcialist, Jericho
Abdel Aziz, Al-Albeit University, Jordan
Nidal Barahim, Tour Guide, Jericho
Ya'arah Bar-On, Vice President, Bezalel Academy
Kinneret Ben Amram, Vice President, Finaces and Administration, Bezalel Academy
Fabienne Bessone, Head of Social Sector, EU West Bank and Gaza
Adnan Budieri, ECOTECH, Jordan
Beatrice Campodonico, Task Manager, EU West Bank and Gaza
Qusay Dawwas Ibrahim 'Azzem, Sabastiya
Dr. Hasan Dweik, Executive Vice President, Al Quds University
Mira Edelstein, Friends of the Earth Middle East, Tel Aviv
Dr. Eliezer Frankenberg, Deputy Chief Scientist, Israel Nature and Parks Authority
Qadri Ghazel, Sabastiya Municipality
Avner Goren, Abraham Path Initative
Shmuel Groeg, Chair of the ICOMOS Committte, Bezalel Academy
Chava Haber, Friends of the Earth Middle East, Tel Aviv
Benjamin Hodgson, iTACITUS
Yehuda Hofshi, Bezalel Academy
Ruba Khashshan, Media Consultant, Jericho
Eng. Munqeth Mehyar, Director, Friends of the Earth Middle East
Arafat Muhammad 'Amer,
Hasan Salah Husain, Mayor of Jericho
Imad Salem Brahim, Department of Tourism, Jericho
Jon Seligman, Israel Antiquities Authority
Architect Lea Shneor, Keren Kayemet
Cheryl Wojciechowski, MERC and CDR Programs, USAID
Maha Yasin Hawwari, Sabastiya Municipality
Batul Yusuf Sukker, Sabastiya Municipality
Kamileya Yusuf Sukker, Sabastiya Municipality