Themes for Cooperation
PUSH Regional Symposium November 21-23, 2007, Jerusalem
PUSH Welcomes Our International Guests:

Simon Goldhill

Professor Simon Goldhill is a Professor of Greek Literature and Culture at the University of Cambridge, and a Fellow of King's College, Cambridge. He has published widely on all aspects of Greek literature, and lectured and taught all over the world. He is currently Director of two projects in Cambridge: "the Cambridge Victorian Studies Group," which explores conflicting uses of the past in Victorian Britain; and "Art and Law" which looks at the legal and intellectual implications of using real people in artistic media. His current project is a book entitled "Jerusalem: City of Longing", now published by Harvard University Press. He is an expert both on Greek culture and on the use and abuse of the past in modern culture.

 Saleh Lamei

Dr. Saleh Lamei is the Director General of the Centre for Conservation and Preservation of Islamic Architectural Heritage in Cairo. He has served on the Egyptian National Committee of ICOMOS for thirty years and nine years on the ICOMOS International Executive Committee. He is a member of the UNESCO International Committee for the Preservation of the Old City of Jerusalem, Kosovo and Moldova. Dr. Lamei has undertaken numerous evaluation missions for both UNESCO and ICOMOS in the Middle East and Europe. Lamei is one of the leading figures in Islamic architectural preservation and conservation in the Arab world.

Muna Hindiyeh

Dr. Muna Hindiyeh holds a Ph.D in Environmental Engineering. She is the Head of the Policies and Planning Unit at the National Council for Family Affairs in addition to serving on the faculty of Sciences and Arts at the Jordan University of Science and Technology. Dr. Hendiyeh is the General Secretary of JSSD and frequent works as an Environmental Consultant for international agencies including the World Bank, UNDP, and the UNEP.